How The 2019 Ford Edge Uses Artificial Intelligence To Enhance Traction And Fuel Efficiency

The new Ford Edge will be more advanced than ever, as it will utilize artificial intelligence to enhance traction and improve fuel efficiency through the vehicle’s new all-wheel-drive disconnect feature.

The AI in the vehicle allows it to detect different driving conditions and automatically shift between all-wheel drive and two-wheel drive for better traction. This all-wheel-drive disconnect feature also reduces fuel consumption by disconnecting from all-wheel drive when it is not needed.

Ford says the technology can calculate whether to disconnect from AWD quicker than the human brain thanks to a number of high-tech sensors that help quicken the…

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Here’s What We Know About The Ford ‘Mach 1’ Electric SUV

Ford Motor Company is investing heavily in the production of electric vehicles as the company prepares for a major shift in the automotive industry. Ford has already made an $11 billion investment into the development and production of electric vehicles as they ready themselves to unleash a 40-vehicle portfolio of EVs by 2022, 16 of which will be fully-electric.

The first result of Ford’s new focus on EVs is looking like it will be a vehicle tentatively dubbed the “Mach 1” — a Ford Mustang-inspired electric performance SUV that the company has been teasing since January.

So far, it’s…

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Mustang Show Brings Over 900 Ford Mustangs To Michigan

Each year a club dedicated to the Ford Mustang concludes the annual Woodward Dream Cruise with a spectacle of their own: a “Mustang Memories All-Ford Show & Swap” auto show hosted by the country’s largest regional Mustang club.

The Mustang Owners Club of SouthEastern Michigan (MOCSEM) held their latest all-Ford show on August 19 to end a day of festivities at the Woodward Dream Cruise. The event brought out over 900 different Ford Mustangs from multiple eras, providing a real-life timeline of Ford’s legendary pony car.

The show featured a range of famous Mustang and Shelby cars, from the…

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Long-Lost 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 EXP Found In Texas

Barrett-Jackson, a heavyweight in the collection and sale of collector cars, recently announced at the annual Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan that the company has found a 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 EXP prototype car that is the only GT500 hardtop coupe ever built by Shelby American. “Little Red,” as the vehicle is known, was found in North Texas by a team led by Barrett-Jackson Chairman and CEO Craig Jackson and classic car restoration specialist Jason…

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Ford Unveils New SUV For Chinese Market

Ford Motor Company revealed a new midsize SUV in early August that will be available in China to answer the nation’s increasing demand for utilities: the Ford Territory.

With the release of the Ford Territory, Ford hopes to provide an affordable, technologically-advanced vehicle to a segment that is rapidly growing in the East Asian country — new vehicle buyers in emerging cities.

The vehicle is a result of a joint collaboration between Ford and Jiangling Motors Corporation. The collaboration allowed Ford to use JMC’s extensive knowledge of Chinese vehicle consumers to develop a vehicle that fits the tastes and…

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Ford Uses Wearable Technology To Improve Car Making

Ford Motor Company has been implementing various wearable technologies around company assembly plants to protect workers and create more efficient manufacturing environments. The company revealed they are using body tracking technology and exoskeleton suits to better protect workers from the physically-demanding conditions.

The EksoVest

The exoskeleton, known as the EksoVest, was introduced to Ford plants in conjunction with Ekso Bionics to reduce fatigue and injury from repetitive motions in the vehicle assembly process. Ford says…

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Ford Launches ‘Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC’

Ford Motor Company has announced the formation of a new organization to spearhead the company’s automated vehicle initiatives. The new organization, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC, will oversee the company’s research, development and business strategies pertaining to automated vehicles.

Ford announced the move in late-July statement, detailing the responsibilities of the new organization. Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC will be in charge of accelerating Ford’s AV business as Ford hopes to capitalize on current market opportunities.

Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC will be headed by Sherif Marakby, a Ford vice president who currently heads the company’s autonomous vehicles and…

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Watch An Autonomous 1965 Ford Mustang Climb The Historic Goodwood Hill

A 1965 Ford Mustang made history at this year’s Goodwood Festival Of Speed, becoming the first-ever road car to tackle the historic hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex, England.

The Mustang was one of two autonomous vehicles to tackle the hill climb for the first time, but was the only street-legal one to do so. The vehicle’s autonomous system was developed by Siemens AG, Europe’s largest industrial manufacturing company, along with automotive engineering experts from Cranfield University.

Siemens’ head of marketing communications, Lee Dryden, said the classic Mustang makes people wonder just what…

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Female Entrepreneurs Find A Home Away From Home With The Ford Transit

The Ford Transit line of commercial vans is blossoming. Not only is it a popular — and necessary — vehicle for commercial and business ventures, but it’s increasingly becoming the vehicle of choice for female entrepreneurs who need a vehicle that can keep up with their travels and offer a home on and off of the road.

Ford highlighted three female entrepreneurs who are making use of the Ford Transit to fuel their travels and entrepreneurial…

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Ford’s June Sales Show Increasing Interest In SUVs And Trucks

Ford released their sales report for 2018, the results of which underscore Ford’s renewed commitment to producing more trucks and SUVs for customers who are steering further away from sedans and coupes.

Ford saw increases in the amount of SUVS and trucks sold compared to June of last year, with the company already surpassing the amount of trucks they sold at this time last year, marking a momentous year for Ford pickups.

SUV Sales

In the ever-growing utility segment, Ford saw an 8.9 increase in SUV sales compared to June of 2017. Ford sold a total of 84…

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