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Vehicle Reservations & Orders at Dunphy Ford in Philadelphia

Dunphy Ford makes placing reservations and orders simple so that you always receive the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle. With Ford's online reservations and ordering system, you can discover exactly the vehicle you want down to the smallest details. But because online orders and reservations are still new for many customers, using either process may feel unfamiliar. So let's delve a little deeper into the online ordering and reservation processes so you can get the vehicle you most want, stress free.


What's Different Between a Reservation and an Order?

Reservations and orders work a little differently when you're ready to secure your new Ford vehicle. Both are done online and take deposits, but the reservation is essentially a confirmation that you want to place an order for a new vehicle soon.

Starting a reservation cancellation or refund is easy, but the cancellation process for a vehicle order is a bit more complicated, and it's possible that you won't get a full refund depending on the timing. Buyers can also change their desired vehicle details when converting their reservation to an order, which gives more flexibility and time to carefully decide the best model features for their lifestyle.


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Making a Reservation

Placing a vehicle reservation guarantees that you're waiting to secure your new Ford when it becomes available. Though reservations take place online, they're still made in connection with your local Ford dealership, like here at Dunphy Ford. To assist with processing your reservation, Dunphy can take your deposit payment and help you alter or cancel your reservation whenever it's convenient for you.

To place a reservation, start by creating a Ford account online. Once you're logged in, you'll provide your information and the particular vehicle details you want to reserve. Then you'll choose Dunphy Ford as your dealership and put in payment for a refundable reservation deposit, which goes toward the cost of the vehicle.


Making an Order

Once your vehicle reservation number processes, Ford will notify you that you can convert that reservation into an official order. After you log back into and select Configure Your Vehicle, you will be brought to the Build & Price information section for the vehicle you reserved. You can then update your vehicle's specifications in the Build & Price area by clicking Select for the Ford you want. After configuring any details for your order, click Continue Order to be taken to the order details page where you will complete the process. After going through all of the above steps, you will have officially placed your order!


Dunphy Ford in Philly is ready to assist you with any part of placing orders and reservations toward your next great vehicle. Feel free to contact us here for more information. You can also browse our inventory online to discover the best new vehicles available, or pay a visit to our dealership in Philadelphia today!

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