Types of Electric Vehicles

The Types of Electric Vehicles at Dunphy Ford

If you're interested in an electrified vehicle, or even just want more information about the differences between hybrid and pure electric models, the friendly and expert staff at Dunphy Ford in Philadelphia are ready to help. Automakers like Ford are transitioning to more hybrid all-electric vehicles because they support drivers with extreme efficiency without sacrificing raw power or reliable performance wherever you go. There are a few different terms for specifying the distinct kinds of electrified vehicles available today, so we've included some brief descriptions below of the two most common types to help you discover the best model for your life.


Pure & Plug-in Hybrids

Unlike a plug-in hybrid, so-called "pure hybrid" vehicles don't offer a way to charge the battery on your own with an external power source. Instead, these models have a battery engineered to recharge itself through a regenerative braking design and also via the vehicle's ICE engine. Pure hybrid vehicles can be a great choice for customers who drive short distances downtown more frequently, with better efficiency and reduced emissions while also giving you access to a combustion engine for longer trips.

On the other hand, a plug-in hybrid is similar to a full hybrid except it's created with a bigger emphasis on electrified power. PHEVs are engineered with larger batteries than full hybrids, which gives them a substantially larger electric-only driving range - though still not as much on average as with all-electric vehicles. Plug-in hybrids are ideal for longer trips, since when the car then runs out of petrol you can still easily find a nearby gas station. It's worth considering that fuel economy can be less efficient than with a pure hybrid on long trips since PHEVs drive with extra weight in the form of the bigger battery.


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Pure All-Electric

When it comes to pure-electric vehicles, they are designed to utilize at least one or more electric motors connected to a battery, and they don't come with any combustion-powered engine. The opportunities for purchasing and owning all-electric vehicles are rapidly expanding, and charging stations are already becoming more numerous and easier to access every year. Some of the best benefits to driving an all-electric vehicle include the surprisingly quiet performance, uncompromised power, lower maintenance, and reduced impact on the environment.


Electrified vehicles are already changing the automotive world - hybrid and all-electric power will soon become even more normalized, and the future is only going to make electrified performance more reliable and innovative to support all your travels. If you'd like to learn more about hybrid and pure-electric vehicles, contact Dunphy Motors in Philadelphia and we'll make sure you find the best electrified vehicles to support your life.

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