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Rule the Roads with the All New Ford Focus 2017

Ford's fleet of cars from the brand Focus is the news maker for 2017. Ford Focus' repertoire includes the Focus RS, ST, titanium, and electric models, each of which features cutting edge technology. These cool cars are available in a number of exciting colors starting from the gorgeous ruby reds, racy reds, and kona blues to sleek hues of frozen white, platinum white, cool blues, and classy blacks!

Awe Inspiring Design with Fabulous Interiors

Push button start allows you to easily access your vehicle by touching the inner portion of the front door handle, while your keys are in the pocket. Focus' brand new SYNC 3 feature takes connectivity to the next level! Apart from these features, the Focus boasts of a stunning interior design, which makes it a perfect amalgamation of the latest trends and durability. The steering wheel is flat bottomed having a soft leather coated rim. The eccentric graphics, sport seats, and pedals round off the look.

It's as Safe as it is Stylish

Ford Focus consists of seven strategically placed airbags for enhanced protection of the driver as well as passengers. The intrusion beams of the doors are prepared using boron steel in order to minimize the damage caused by side impact collisions. Ford Focus has a splendid aerodynamic design and a number of optimizations for safe and effective high speed handling. All the models have rear view cameras for displaying images of the track behind the vehicle.

Highly Advanced Features for Unparalleled Performance

The iconic Ford Focus RS is equipped a complete range of mind blowing features in order to ensure a terrific experience, each time you hit the road.

  • Its engine has a net capacity of 2.3L and has a unique turbocharger apart from exhaust and cooling systems.
  • The RS is characterized by the most convenient system of all-wheel drive, and is designed to offer amazing velocity, along with additional stability and remarkable levels of performance.
  • Its dynamic torque vectoring is an icing on the cake for all those extremely dynamic performers!
  • The brake system features an advanced mechanism of cooling. There are special discs in front which are fitted with aerodynamically optimized fins for ventilation, in order to facilitate better cooling.
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Smart Technology for Ensuring Greater Safety and Excellent Adaptability

The EPAS, which is the electronic power assisted steering feature on the Ford Focus, is capable of making automatic adjustments for delivering the most appropriate responses at the higher and lower extremes of velocity. Its pull-drift technology keeps measuring the steering inputs and has excellent adaptability when it comes to dealing with crosswinds, uneven surfaces, and sharp bends.

With the smartest technology, Ford Focus adds a whole new dimension to safety. The conditions of the road, as well as the responses of the person at the steering wheel, are closely monitored on a continuous basis. Accordingly, the engine power is adjusted and the antilock brake system or ABS is automatically applied so that the wheels of your car remain firmly grounded.

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