Did you wind your car up to start it this morning? No, then it’s probably because you own a vehicle with plenty of modern amenities. Sometimes we forget how great we have it — there’s a lot we just take for granted in our modern daily drivers. Obviously, we realize we’ve got it better than the Model T, but here’s a list of five things in our modern mobiles that we often overlook.


Adjustable Seats


Back in the day, seats were pretty restricted. Sure, you could slide it back and forth, but that was about it. Today, you can adjust your seat to suit you perfectly. It doesn’t matter whether your 7 feet tall or more vertically challenged like me; the seats can accommodate anyone of any size. Another issue we overlook when it comes to seats is sharing a car. I used to share a car with my mom — she’s about a foot shorter than me — and when I’d sit down my knees would hit the top of the steering wheel. Today, you don’t have to squeeze into you car for work in the morning, because you can just click the setting for you on the side of the seat and it’s like no one else was driving.


Sound Deadening


What?! Turn up the radio! I can’t hear you! Those are just some of the common phrases you’d hear in an older car cruising down the highway. Before sound deadening was a standard amenity you could hardly hear anything over the road sounds, wind, and engine. Today, some cabins are so quiet it’s like you’re driving around in a sound proof bubble. It’s all thanks to insulation around the engine, and in some models software that works to cancel sound.


Air Conditioning



Air conditioning is so essentially we don’t even think of it as an amenity anymore, but I’m sure we’ve all been stuck with a broken AC. It’s awful: every red light is like a death sentence. You show up to work covered in sweat, and when winter comes around you might not show up at all. That’s why air conditioning is pretty much the best thing to happen to cars ever. Imagine a world where everyone’s AC was broken, that’s how it was before cool and hot air on demand became a standard amenity. Don’t even get me started on heated seats.




AM, FM, 8-track, cassette tapes, CDs, MP3 players, satellite radio, and now bluetooth streaming. The way we listen to tunes in the car has come a long way. First we had to dial into a station looking for something we liked, no easy task. You typically found static or maybe some anti-soviet propaganda, but now we can get in the car and immediately hear exactly what we want. Our phones just automatically connect to the stereo thanks to Bluetooth, and I know I almost always take this for granted. Sometimes, I’ll get in the car with a dead phone and get tossed back into the world of radio. It’s not something I’d wish on my worst enemy.


Power Everything



Power steering, power seats, power windows, power everything. Obviously power steering is the most important here, but I want us to take a trip back to time before power windows. Remember cranking the window up and down? It’s hard to imagine trying to wind down the window while going anything over 10 mph, but back in the day we had to crank the steering wheel and crank the windows. Today, we live in luxury; in my new car I don’t even have to hold the button in, I just click it and it goes down.


Well, I hope I either gave you some flashbacks or a glimpse into what we used to deal with. I’m done waving my stick for now, but remember not to take our modern marvels for granted!

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