2022 Ford E-Transit

Electrify Your Business with The 2022 E-Transit at Dunphy Ford

In order for your small business to run smoothly and efficiently, you need all of your tools to meet a certain level of functionality. This extends to the vehicles you use. No matter the size of your fleet, you need a work van that is adaptable and increases your productivity in order to truly succeed. The 2022 E-Transit is the latest in a legacy of Ford vans that is stepping up to fill this need. Incredibly efficient and flexible, this van will help to keep you and your business operations on the top of your game. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible electric work van.

The Electric Advantage

While making the switch to electric work vans might seem like a tall order, it's more than worth it. There are already many benefits to electrified vehicles, but specifically in the context of work vans, they become even more useful. Electric vehicles cost less on average to fuel than traditional vehicles, and they not only require less frequent maintenance than their gas-powered equivalents, but the maintenance they do receive is typically less expensive. This means that electric vans will reduce your operating costs overall. Additionally, a zero-emissions van like the E-Transit is not only an environmentally friendly choice, it's one that increases your capability by expanding the situations that you can work in. A van that gives off no emissions can easily operate inside a closed space like a garage, and with the quiet E-Transit, you'll be able to get work done even late at night without disturbing people nearby or adding to the noise levels of your area.

Ready for a Change of Pace?

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A Customizable Fit

When it comes to work vans, there is no one-size-fits-all option, so it's important that your van be easily personalized. The E-Transit accomplishes this by offering multiple configurations, including a cargo van model, a chassis cab model, and a cutaway style. Additionally, the cargo van is available in regular, long, and extended body lengths and low, medium, and high roof heights to allow you to prioritize either space or maneuverability as you require. The E-Transit also has a roomy interior cargo space and mounting points that ensure any custom upfitting will be a breeze to add.

Safety and Convenience with Next-Level Tech

On top of its impressive functionality, the E-Transit packs in plenty of convenience and entertainment with standard SYNC4, making it easy to play music, send messages or make phone calls, and utilize the E-Transit's Connected Built-In Navigation. This navigation system updates in real time so that you have the most up-to-date information possible, and can guide you to a nearby station in Ford's nationwide public charging network if your van needs a charge. Co-Pilot 360, Ford's advanced safety and driver assistance technology, makes the E-Transit even easier to drive with features such as Lane Keeping System with Lane-Keeping Alert, Road Edge Detection, PreCollision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking, Post Impact Braking, Hill Start Assist, and more

The 2022 Ford E-Transit might just be the change that takes your business to the next level by combining all of the benefits of a functional work van with the unstoppable power of electricity. When you're ready to take this step into the future, Dunphy Ford is ready to help you. Contact us here to discuss the E-Transit, take a look at our available inventory online, or visit us in Philadelphia, Pa.

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