Ford Sales Strongest In 15 Years!


Ford Motor Company just reported for the second quarter of 2019 and the sales results are impressive! In a very competitive market the company has managed to grow their total pickup segment share. It’s thanks in part to the extended F-Series and the Ranger. 


Focusing on the Winning Portfolio: Ford’s strategy is to focus on their winning portfolio and that led to strong pickup and SUV sales. Trucks and SUVs actually totaled 83 percent of Q2 sales — that’s 4 points higher than only a year ago!


Total Pickup Sales: Total pickup sales increased seven percent. This growth is fast and it’s the best overall pickup truck sales performance since 2004. We think it’s thanks to the Ranger. The Ranger has been moving fast off lots. People absolutely love this adventure mobile!


F-Series Sales: F-Series sales have passed the 230,000 mark. Ford’s leadership in this segment is serious. Ford’s are known for their value, durability, and quality. The F-Series makes up America’s favorite truck models, and these sales continue to prove the power of Ford.


The Unstoppable Ranger: Ranger sales have grown every month since its release. The Ranger alone added 20,880 trucks to Ford’s total pickup truck sales for the quarter. Ranger sales have actually doubled since Q1. Imagine if the U.S. had access to the Ranger Raptor. Those sales would be off the chain.

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