Ford Gets An 'A' For Water Security

As technology advances, it becomes possible for companies to advance their own manufacturing processes and business practices to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. These companies are evaluated by the CDP, which looks at how companies, cities, and regions mitigate their impacts on the environment around them.

For the fourth year in a row, Ford has received an A rating from the CDP in regards to water security. Ford has worked tirelessly to improve and better manage its own water sustainability over the years. In 2000, Ford set a goal to reduce operational water use by three-fourths by 2020, and so far, it is on its way to meet that goal. At this point, the current water use has gone down by 62.5 percent, meaning that Ford has saved over 10.4 billion gallons of water.

Ford is striving to improve the lives of everyone in the world, not only its customers. “Access to clean water is a fundamental human right,” according to Kim Pittel, vice president of sustainability, environment and safety engineering at Ford. As a large company, Ford takes its responsibility to the environment and the citizens of the world seriously. “We know we play an integral role in establishing best practices to help protect the environment—both for Ford and our supply chain,” she said.

In an effort to affect change in other areas, Ford has invested $11 billion to develop and introduce 16 fully electric model vehicles through 2022. Ford has also worked to significantly reduce the company’s global carbon dioxide emissions caused by vehicle manufacturing. The original goal was to reduce this amount by 30 percent per vehicle by 2025. Ford met this goal in 2017, eight years ahead of schedule.

As Ford continues to move into its more sustainable future, its efforts, data, and reporting can be found at
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