Ford Rolls Out Documentary Series For New Ford Edge ST

Ford Motor Company is teasing the arrival of the new 2019 Ford Edge ST performance SUV with a short documentary series that provides an up-close-and-personal look at Ford’s first-ever ST utility.

The 2019 Ford Edge ST packs a 2.7L V6 turbocharged EcoBoost engine capable of producing 335 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque. The Edge ST has been highly anticipated among Ford enthusiasts, and rightfully so. The vehicle couples the massive powertrain and aggressive aesthetic features of the ST line with one of Ford’s favorite SUVs for the first time.

It’s also the quickest ST Ford has ever built, with a 0-60 time under six seconds, according to Ford.

In the docuseries, Ford looks back at the history of its “Sports Technology” line, from its beginnings in Europe with the Ford Mondeo to its current production of Fiesta, Focus (and now Edge) models. From there, the company takes a look at specs of the Edge ST and how well it can perform.

Ford executives described what it means for a vehicle to have the ST badge. Hau Thai-Tang, Ford’s global head of product development and purchasing, said the line is more than just a badge and aesthetic frills, that the ST line embodies the “joy of driving.”

“ST is much more than a badge,” he said. “It’s an experience. It’s something that gives our enthusiasts what they want, which is the joy of driving.”

Both Cristina Aquino and Ed Krenz — Ford’s marketing manager for the Edge and Ford Performance chief functional engineer, respectively —- said the Edge ST provides the performance capability that enthusiasts want while still providing the family-friendly options that the traditional Edge carries.

“I’m so excited to be bringing the Edge ST to market,” said Aquino. “It’s giving you an opportunity to join in the performance family without sacrificing the things you need for the rest of your family.”

Krenz concurred.

“It is a vehicle for somebody that doesn’t want to compromise the excitement of driving for the functionality of getting from Point A to Point B,” he said.

However, drivers will notice a significant difference when behind the wheel of the new Edge ST compared to non-performance models, Krenz says. These differences include changes in the vehicle’s appearance, as well as performance components that enhance driving and control that are exclusive to the ST line.

The Edge ST has a sleek appearance thanks to it’s black mesh grille, ST badging, dual-exhaust, rear spoiler, aluminum wheels and ST-exclusive paint jobs. That doesn’t even take into account the Edge ST’s performance parts.

In addition to the engine, the Edge ST houses an ST-tuned suspension system, ST-tuned steering system, SelectShift paddle shifters, performance brakes and standard all-wheel drive. It’s these features that bring the 2019 Ford Edge ST into the Ford Performance family to provide a whole new experience to SUV drivers.

Soon, you’ll be able to take in that experience firsthand when you get behind the wheel of the Edge ST. For now, you’ll have to settle for Ford’s mini videos that give a glimpse of Ford’s newest ST vehicle.

You can watch the three-part series below.

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