New Ford Ranger Gets Yakima Adventure Accessories

As the all-new Ford Ranger returns to dealerships in early 2019, adventurous Ford owners will have the ability to purchase Yakima outdoor adventure products at their local Ford dealership.

The Yakima products would be available through Ford Accessories and will give customers the opportunity to purchase bike racks, kayak racks and tents for their 2019 Ford Ranger pickup truck.

Customers will have the ability to add the products to the cost of their vehicle financing and each Yakima accessory purchased through a Ford dealership will come with Ford’s 3-year of 36,000-mile warranty.

“Beginning in early 2019, the highest-selling Yakima accessories will be available to meet the greatest customer demand. Available accessories include kayak racks, bike racks, truck-bed storage solutions designed to transport longer items securely, and truck-bed tents that keep customers and their essentials off the ground,” the company said in a statement. “Additional Yakima offerings will join the Ford Accessories portfolio over time to give customers access to more of the products that best fit their lives.”

Eric Cin, Ford’s global director of vehicle personalization, said that the decision to offer Yakima products boiled down to one core goal: enhancing the adventures of Ford customers.

“We know our customers see their vehicles as extensions of themselves,” said Eric Cin, Ford’s global director of vehicle personalization. “With the addition of Yakima accessories, Ford aims to enhance the experiences of adventure-driven customers by delivering innovative solutions such as truck bed racks that preserve cargo space by lifting kayaks, bikes and skis off the floor of the bed. It’s about making each adventure better.”

In a statement announcing the offering, Ford said that providing more opportunities for vehicle personalization through dealerships not adds convenience for customers, but improves dealership business.

“Offering Yakima products through our Ford dealerships is a win-win,” Cin said. “It provides customers access to quality adventure accessories and gives them another reason to return to dealerships.”

Among the accessories that will be offered are Yakima’s BedRock Heavy Duty truck bed rack, BaseLine tower and JetStream crossbar cab rack, LongArm bed extender with pad, and a GateKeeper tailgate pad.

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