Female Entrepreneurs Find A Home Away From Home With The Ford Transit

The Ford Transit line of commercial vans is blossoming. Not only is it a popular — and necessary — vehicle for commercial and business ventures, but it’s increasingly becoming the vehicle of choice for female entrepreneurs who need a vehicle that can keep up with their travels and offer a home on and off of the road.

Ford highlighted three female entrepreneurs who are making use of the Ford Transit to fuel their travels and entrepreneurial efforts that range from photography to graphic design to cycling.

With so many vehicles to choose from, how did these three land on the Ford Transit connect? The answer lies in the van’s flexibility, affordability and the freedom it provides, they say.

Tasha Rivard is a surfer and graphic designer who lives in her 2010 Transit Connect in Carbondale, Colorado. She says the freedom and simplicity offered by van life is what led her to pursue a more simplified way of life.

“The whole ‘not paying rent’ thing gives me the freedom to live in places I might not be able to otherwise,” she said. “That has allowed me to go after new job opportunities and live basically anywhere while keeping life simple.”

Teri Lou Dantzler bought her Ford Transit after spending a vacation in New Zealand camper-vanning, or camping in a large vehicle. As a landscape photographer (and also a grandmother), Dantzler said her Transit allows her to be on the road for extended amounts of time to pursue her photography work.

“Now, I can live out on the road for extended periods of time,” Dantzler said. “In between venturing to unique photo locations, I do meet-ups and conduct live photography classes – all from my home on the road.”

Rebecca Gross, a champion cyclist and former United States Air Force captain, said the affordability and reliability of the Ford Transit is what led her to purchase hers, noting that the ability to personalize it added fun into the process.

“On a cyclist’s budget, the Transit is a lot more affordable option,” Gross said.. “The dealer was surprised to hear what I was planning to do with it, but personalizing the van just the way I wanted was really fun.”

“I need reliability because I put a lot of miles on my van and so far, it’s been awesome,” she said. “It’s my happy place.”

Ford also notes that their dealer network provides van owners with access to vehicle service all over North America, providing a major benefit that other automakers don’t provide.

“Equally important to Dantzler and Gross is the extensive Ford dealer network across North America,” Ford said in a statement. “With more than 3,200 Ford and Lincoln dealers and more than 675 commercial vehicle centers in the United States, Ford Transit owners enjoy significantly greater access to service and maintenance compared to Mercedes-Benz Sprinter owners.”

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