Ford's New Advanced Manufacturing Center

In order to succeed in any industry, innovation and development are necessary. This is especially true of the 21st industry. Technology has rapidly changed and developed over the recent decades and continues to do so today. This is true of many industries but is particularly apparent in the automotive industry.

The automotive field is a strong example of advances in technology because these changes are evident in both the product and the process. Vehicles today are vastly different from previous models, and the amount of technology present in them is immense. However, the manufacturing process that these vehicles go through has also greatly advanced.

In order to develop and refine these new manufacturing methods, Ford has created the Advanced Manufacturing Center. This hub is home to Ford experts working to further develop the company’s manufacturing process. Chief among these technologies are 3D printing, virtual reality, and collaborative robots.

The $45 million center will go a long way to pushing Ford’s manufacturing into the future. 3D printing can revolutionize the way Ford parts are made. Virtual reality allows workers to develop vehicles without needing a physical vehicle. Collaborative robots can help change the efficiency and safety of Ford plants. Each of these technologies have their place in Ford’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process. With this new center, Ford is setting the stage for further development of the industry’s future technologies.

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