Ford’s Large Vehicles Performing Well

The automotive industry is a tumultuous and often rocky field. While vehicles are a necessity for many Americans, that doesn’t mean that strong sales are always guaranteed. In fact, time has shown just how much vehicle sales can plummet, even in a short amount of time. Ford’s larger vehicles, however, have been experiencing strong sales.

Ford has been making significant strides to alter its fleet to fit customer need and desire. In recent years, it has become very apparent that many drivers prefer the larger size, capability, and versatility that both trucks and SUVs offer. This is why the company has focused so heavily on these two areas of production.

This focus has provided some pretty impressive results. November 2018 saw the company’s total vehicle sales dip slightly. However, the positives outweigh this slight drop. According to the company’s sales release, the F-series of pickups charted just under 90,000 sales, marking the 9th month in a row the company has sold more than 70,000 pickups.

The SUVs in Ford’s lineup also experienced a strong month. The Ford Expedition managed to climb 7.9% in its sales, and as a whole the company moved over 70,000 SUVs. These impressive sales are reflective of a customer base that desires large, dependable, and spacious vehicles.

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